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Q: What is the BGA?
A: BGA name is Ball Grid Array (ball grid array structure of the PCB), it is organically integrated circuits using a package containing plate method. It has: ① Packaging reduce ② functional area increase, the increase in the number ③ pin PCB welding solution can self-middling, easy on the tin ④ high reliability ⑤ good electrical properties, the overall low cost. The PCB has BGA keyhole more generally, the majority of clients under the BGA design for the finished product through-hole diameter hole 8 to 12 mil, BGA affixed to the surface distance to the hole specifications 31.5 mil for example, generally not less than 10.5 mil. BGA did Cypriot hole to hole, not on the ink pad BGA, BGA pad is not bored.

Q: What is it BGA packaging technology and what are the characteristics?
A: BGA technology (Ball Grid Array Package) that is loaded ball grid array technology. The emergence of the technology will become CPU, motherboard North and South Bridges chip high density, high-performance, multi-pin package the best choice. But BGA substrates occupied the area is relatively large. Although the technology of I / O pin count increased, but much greater than the distance between pin QFP, thus enhancing the assembly yield. But the technology used by welding controlled collapse chip, which can improve its electric properties. In addition the technology can be used coplanar welding assembly, which can greatly improve the reliability of packaging; And by the CPU packaging technology signal transmission delay small, the frequency can be increased to great.

Q: What is Packaging QFP (quad flat package)?
A: Four Side-pin edge flat package. Surface-mount package type one of the four pins from the side leads to a seagull-wing (L) type. A ceramic substrate, metals and plastics three. Speaking quantitatively, in the vast majority of plastic packaging. When there is no particular show material, in most cases for plastic QFP. Plastic QFP is the most popular multi-pin LSI package. Not only for microprocessors, digital logic gate, such as display LSI circuits, but also for VIR signal processing, audio signal processing circuit simulation LSL.

Q: What is QFN package (quad flat non-leaded package)?
A: No side of the four-pin flat package. One of the surface mount package. Now more known as LCC. QFN is japon electronic machinery industry will provide for the name. Packaging side configuration with four electrode contacts, because no pins, mount occupied area ratio QFP small, highly than QFP low.

Q: Why use a rule to IC test?
A: A role: tariff detection; IC quality is alone do not tell the naked eye, and must pass additional electricity detection, detection methods commonly used by the IC current, voltage, inductance, resistance, capacitance can not fully judge the merits or demerits of IC; Governance by IC test equipment, running through procedures the analog IC testing functions, the IC can be good or bad judgment.
Role 2: Rework detection; Board has had some problems going motherboard is a problem, or IC is the problem? Bad judgment! With IC test rule is a look at what to discard the rule of the IC into whether we are able to eliminate the reasons for the IC caving face;
Role 3: IC-seizure; Rework the IC, in the process of removing possible damage, using IC test can be bad governance with the seizure of IC points out, can save a lot of manpower and material resources, thereby reducing the cost. BGA package with the IC, if not hours seized IC, IC affixed with a bad check out the FCT testing, the IC removed, to baking, cleaning, very troublesome, but also may damage motherboard. Electronics rule of detecting such problems would not arise.

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