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Spring Probe Electrode

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    Test needle, the industry also said probes, used for PCB test is divided into special (needle) and general spring needle, needle spring when use, need according to the test of PCB wiring of moulds made by test, and in general, a mold can only test a PCB; General needle when use, need to have enough points, so now a lot of manufacturers are using general in needle; Spring needle according to usage is divided into PCB ICT probes BGA probe, probe PCB board is mainly used for PCB testing, ICT probe is mainly used for online testing, after the plug-in BGA probe is mainly used for BGA encapsulation testing and test chip.

     Surface of the probe of the company's main use and gold-plated, internal have a life expectancy of 30000 ~ 100000 times of high performance spring, long service life and good stability.

Recommended Pitch             Ending Type                                       Material
· 1.27 mm                           · Single Ended Probe                          · Gold Plating
· 1.00 mm                           · Double Ended Probe                         · Pd Alloy
· 0.80 mm
· 0.65 mm
· 0.50 mm
· 0.40 mm



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Address:Building 602, A, Financial Center, Pidu District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province

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